Green jobs? Decent jobs? Or decent green jobs? Focus is also saying no!

INTERNATIONAL LABOUR ORGANIZATION 106th International Labour Conference – Building a future with decent work 2016 Plenary meeting address Kris De Meester Employer delegate Belgium As every year, this conference brings around a variety of topics to discuss. As regards the discussion on labour migration, we want a meaningful global recognition of the positive role of… Read More


106ème Conférence internationale du travail “Construire l’avenir avec le travail décent”

Le 5 juin a débuté officiellement à Genève la 106ème Conférence internationale du travail, la réunion annuelle de l’Organisation internationale du travail (OIT). Plus de 6000 représentants des gouvernements, des employeurs et des syndicats de 187 États membres y débattront pendant 2 semaines. Une grande attention est consacrée cette année à la discussion sur la… Read More


Innovation across borders… Get inspired! Get started!

Kijken en luisteren naar innovaties is leuk, of het nu technologie is, nieuwe materialen, een andere manier van (samen)werken, een combinatie van dat alles…  Maar daarmee kom je er zelf nog niet toe. Hoe creëer je een voedingsbodem waarin ideeën opborrelen, kunnen rijpen en ontwikkelen en toepassing krijgen? Vertrekkend vanuit een probleem of uitdaging of… Read More



Plenary meeting address Kris De Meester Employer delegate Belgium The 19th hole Good morning ladies and gentlemen, dear colleagues. Last year when addressing this plenary I talked in golf terms about bogey and birdie meaning a substandard ILO contribution to decent work in sustainable enterprises or an outstanding approach. When Director-Generals Guy Ryder came to our… Read More

Healthy workplaces “How do we create an organization where people are able and willing to do their best work?”

2 years of collecting and disseminating information, research, good practices and tools about the psychosocial aspects of work in general and stress in particular culminate today in the this closing event of the 2014-2015 healthy workplaces campaign. This topic is extremely important for the business community. We want our workers to deliver a productive contribution;… Read More

Informal to formal

The International Labour Conference just approved the recommendation on the transition form informal to formal economy. After 2 years of hard work and lengthy discussions a majority of 484 voted in favor, 1 against and 5 abstentions.  On this occasion a lot is already said by my colleagues (both from employer, worker as government side).… Read More